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NJ Fly Fishing Conditions for Local Streams and Rivers



South Branch of the Raritan River near High Bridge, NJ


July 20 - 40 cfs. Water is low and warm. Hitting a bass pond is a better idea right now.  South Branch USGS Gage

(see the Fishing Reports page for flies to use)

Musconetcong River near Bloomsbury

July 20 - 148 cfs. Musconetcong River USGS Gage

Musky is fishing well. 

Pequest River at Pequest, NJ

July 20 - 76 cfs. Pequest USGS Gage

Big fish at Pequest TCA. 

Big Flat Brook near Flatbrookville, NJ July 20 - 73 cfs.  Big Flat Brook USGS Gage


Lamington River near Pottersville, NJ July 20 - 19 cfsLamington USGS Gage



Stream Conditions for New Jersey

Click the map graphic to access the USGS Waterwatch Site for NJ




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